Fadi Freij


  • Bachelor of Laws – Mu’tah University
  • Licensed to practice law since the beginning of 2000


  • Fadi has practiced as a litigator in civil and criminal courts since 2000 initially with the law office of Advocates Sabah and Ahmad Beiruti. He later works with Beiruti Attorneys and Counselors at Law Co. starting from 2006 until 2023. With an extensive legal career spanning over twenty-three years, Fadi through his 23 years of practicing has gained substantial expertise in various fields of law and legal consultations.
  • He possesses extensive experience in litigation across various types of cases, including civil, commercial, and criminal. Fadi has also been involved in the liquidation of companies through court appointments. His skills include legal execution of cases and enforcement issues. He has served as a former lecturer at the Arbitration Center at the Applied Sciences University and as a member of the committee evaluating labor regulations and laws on behalf of the World Bank. He is a skilled organizer and has acted as an appointed expert in several court cases.
  • Fadi has vast experience in contract drafting, company establishment, liquidation, and intellectual property matters.
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