Basel Fraihat


  • Licentiate of Laws – Egypt.
  • Licensed to practice law since the beginning of 1996.


  • Basel has practiced as a litigator in civil, criminal, and military courts since 1996, initially with the law office of Advocates Sabah and Ahmad Beiruti. He later works with Beiruti Attorneys and Counselors at Law Co. starting from 2006 until 2023, With an extensive legal career spanning over 27 years, Basel has amassed substantial expertise in various fields of law, including banking, commercial matters, contracts, criminal law, and arbitration. He excels in providing legal consultations and drafting contracts which he gain through 27 years of practicing.
  • He has served as a legal department manager since 2006 at Beiruti Attorneys and counselors at law Co, in addition to his role as a full-time lawyer and litigator.
  • Basel holds substantial experience in banking and financial cases, with a track record of cooperate in cases involving major banks and high-value banking disputes. He has also represented corporations, individuals, and institutions in cases related to loans and banking facilities, among other banking matters.
  • His expertise extends to construction litigation, where he has managed numerous high-value cases in regular courts and arbitration tribunals, covering areas such as dam construction, road projects, solar energy initiatives, and general construction for major corporations.
  • Basel is highly experienced in criminal cases, particularly those related to economic crimes. He has represented board members, managers, shareholders, and others in complex criminal cases, often involving substantial financial implications.
  • He possesses a wealth of experience in commercial and civil litigation, having litigated numerous significant cases for major commercial companies, covering a wide range of topics and involving substantial financial values.


Contributing and participate in legislative workshops, legal seminars and conferences:

  • Contributing to workshops related to amendments to the new arbitration law and proposed changes in this regard.
  • He has also participated in arbitration-related workshops in general and in construction contracts – the Arab Union for International Arbitration.
  • Participating in the 6th Conference of the Arab Union for International Arbitration – modern trends in commercial and investment dispute resolution in Arab countries.
  • Participating in discussion of legal researches in the field of arbitration and other subjects.
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